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Employees using a volunteer platform together.

Why A Volunteer Platform Is Essential For Retailers

Retail employees have lower engagement levels than workers across other industries. Therefore, improving the degree to which these employees are invested in the work they do–and who they work for–is fundamental to success.

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Organizing A Company Volunteer Day

Organize your next company volunteer day with ease. With a small amount of effort, volunteering can be made an enjoyable, rewarding, and sustainable endeavor.

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2023 Trends In Workplace Volunteering

Over the last few years, workplace volunteering has been on the rise. We take a deeper look at the three top trends shaping workplace volunteering in 2023.

A group of employees volunteering at a community garden

How Does Volunteering Help Reduce Employee Turnover?

To best illustrate the correlation between volunteering and employee turnover, we present a hypothetical case study scenario. Learn how a company’s volunteer efforts can improve an employee’s well-being, skill set, and satisfaction in the workplace.

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8 Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

We round up 8 corporate volunteer opportunities in which your organization can give back to the community, build team spirit, and boost employee morale.

Employees volunteering together in a garden

Engage Your Remote Workforce Through Virtual Volunteering

Although your remote employees are working outside a traditional office environment, employee engagement doesn’t have to be an afterthought. Virtual volunteering allows your remote employees to maintain a sense of connection with their colleagues and roles.

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Can A Workplace Volunteer Program Improve Productivity?

Workplace volunteering and productivity: how are these linked? We explore how a workplace volunteer program positively shifts the way in which an employee perceives and approaches their work.

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Setting Up A Company Volunteer Event For Earth Day

Earth Day presents an opportunity for your company to get involved in the community and engage your employees. Learn how you can easily set up a company volunteer event on Kambeo to have a big social impact.

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Company News

Volunteer Spotlight: Connection In Action Halton

Kambeo is changing the way people change the world. Two of Kambeo’s employees recently spent a morning volunteering with Connection in Action Halton to help fuel that change.

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10 Ways Volunteering Can Change Your Life

No matter what opportunity you choose, you’ll find that volunteering comes with an array of benefits for yourself and your community.