Kambeo Hubs - Coming Summer 2022

Careers At Kambeo

If you are passionate about the social good community, then Kambeo just might be what you are looking for!

Are You Ready To Make A Difference?

We’re looking for people who fit at the intersection of passion and purpose. People whose professional skillset is only surpassed by their desire to do good. If this sounds like you, then check out the open opportunities below

Our Mission

To change the way people change the world by providing nonprofits, businesses, and individual change-makers a place to connect and grow the good being done in our communities. At Kambeo our mission drives everything we do. It's our 'why'.

Our Culture

Our culture is being defined as we continue to grow. We are looking for culture adds. As we serve a diverse community of people doing good, we believe our culture should reflect that diversity. Our culture is built on our values - be human, be honest, be kind, and be curious.

Our Impact

What does making an impact look like to you? Is it lifting up communities? Is it helping nonprofits succeed in their missions? Is it giving back? Raising the awareness of important causes? There are many ways that you can make an impact while working with Kambeo.

Open Positions

We currently don’t have any open roles.  Please check back later.  

If you haven’t already created your Kambeo social good profile, get started below — it’s free!


Three individuals monitoring their social impact on a laptop

Understanding Your Social Impact

Regardless of if you are an individual, business, or nonprofit, taking the time to understand your social impact will help you realize how much of a change you are truly making.

A laptop, cellphone, a report that all shows social impact
Social Impact

Why Your Organization’s Social Impact Is Worth Sharing

Sharing your organization’s social impact is often overlooked but an important story to tell. Learn why shedding light on the difference you are making in the world should be emphasized.