Kambeo Hubs - Coming Summer 2022

Corporate Fundraising

Tap into the Power of Fundraising — Together

Raise money for causes as a team through peer-to-peer, third-party, and crowdfunding campaigns. 

Create Customized Fundraising Pages

Invite Your Personal Network

Track Fundraising Progress

Engage And Update Registrants

Create personalized fundraising campaigns

Create virtual and in-person fundraisers to bring your company together in support of a good cause.

Easily organize crowdfunding campaigns

Share your fundraisers with your personal network to raise more money for the causes that you are supporting.

Measure fundraising progress

Add a donation bar to each fundraiser to track progress against fundraising goals and motivate donors to give.  

Keep registrants informed

Organize everything about your fundraising campaign on one page, from the cause’s mission to the event details. 

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