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Volunteer Spotlight: Connection In Action Halton

Kambeo is changing the way people change the world. Two of Kambeo's employees recently spent a morning volunteering with Connection in Action Halton to help fuel that change.

Kambeo is on a mission to connect cause, community, and commerce — bringing individuals, nonprofits, and businesses together to make the world better. This mission became apparent during a recent volunteer day that two Kambeo employees attended.

Kambeo employees Danielle Stringer and Stephanie Brown volunteered for Connection in Action Halton, a program that provides isolated seniors with care packages delivered to their homes.

Danielle and Stephanie’s personal beliefs in giving back to the communities where they live inspired them to participate in this volunteer opportunity. Additionally, they work for a company that encourages its employees to get out and make a positive impact every quarter.

Two employees at a volunteer day with gift bags in the background

Joined by a small but mighty group of other community supporters, the volunteer team was put to work stuffing packages, exchanging stories, and getting to know one another.

After a few hours, the team assembled 750 packages with items that included: handwritten cards, packaged cookies, socks, mini shampoo bottles, and pillboxes. It was a productive, enjoyable, and rewarding morning that the entire volunteer team cherished.

Danielle Stringer, Marketing Content Specialist at Kambeo, states: “Joining forces with other passionate volunteers in the community reinstated my beliefs that many people out there also believe in doing good. Students, full-time workers, and retired individuals all came out today to help support a cause that was meaningful to them.”

When asked about her favourite part of the day, Stephanie Brown, Director of Strategic Initiatives, stated: “Not only was it being able to distribute 750 bags of surprises and treats for seniors, but it was once again being able to connect with people to have conversations, hear new stories, and share those experiences.”

Stephanie’s full interview on her volunteer experience with Connection in Action Halton can be found here:

Discover your next volunteer opportunity through Kambeo

Are you feeling inspired to find your next volunteer opportunity? Visit Kambeo’s volunteer page to find a cause that’s of interest to you and start giving back today. 

For any business wanting to encourage volunteerism in the workplace, Kambeo Hubs is the perfect solution. A social impact platform where employees can easily find volunteer opportunities and connect directly with nonprofits & charities in need.

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