Kambeo Hubs - Coming Summer 2022

Accepting donations has never been easier

Reach more people and raise more money with multiple fundraising options including Peer-to-peer, Crowdfunding, and Third-Party Fundraising.

Modern & Mobile Friendly

Quick & Easy Setup Process

Secure Payment Processing

Attract New Donors & Raise More Money

Highlight the impact of every donation

Add messaging to let people know exactly where their donations are going.

Automate tax receipting

No more manually issuing each tax receipt.

Customize your donations page

Create beautifully branded donation pages that convert into dollars towards your cause.

Gain a deeper understanding

Comprehensive reporting lets you unify your data to gain a more direct relationship with people who back your mission.

Join Hundreds of Organizations using Kambeo


Here are some common questions the community is asking

First, you must have a campaign that is monetized. Then go to your group’s Settings on the management page and turn on the Accepting Donations option. And that’s it. You are ready to start accepting one-time and recurring donations.

Yes, donors have the option to donate one-time or monthly.

Yes, registered charities can decide to automatically send a charitable tax receipt as long as you have filled in the necessary settings.

This includes a charity registration number, issuing location, signature, and legal name.

Every donation is immediately transferred into your stripe account so you can receive the donations as they come in.

All management of donors and donations can be done on your group management page. Donors can be viewed and managed in the “Donors” tab and specific donations can be viewed and managed from the “Transactions” tab.

Yes, with Kambeo you can easily embed your donation form directly into your website.

There is no cost to setting up a donations page. When collecting donations, there is a small stripe processing fee. This can be incurred by the donor or the organization. You can learn more about our pricing here.

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