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Setting Up A Company Volunteer Event For Earth Day

Earth Day presents an opportunity for your company to get involved in the community and engage your employees. Learn how you can easily set up a company volunteer event on Kambeo to have a big social impact.

April 22nd, 2023, marks Earth Day! A day to help protect and conserve the planet. If your organization is thinking of taking collective action to help make a change, why not host a company-wide volunteer event?

Let’s walk through how you can create a company-wide beach clean-up on Kambeo in honour of Earth Day!

1. Create a volunteer event page

On your company management dashboard under the ‘Manage’ section, click on ‘Events.’

Once clicked, scroll over to the Create Event button on the top right-hand side. A form will pop up, allowing you to fill out the details for your company volunteer event page.

2. Add basic details to your volunteer event page

  • Name (event title)
  • Description
  • Date & time
  • Location
  • Focus areas (*this helps categorize the event in the platform, showing it to employees based on focus areas they have selected)

3. Add tabs to your volunteer event page

To add a new tab, click on the ‘+’ button on the top left-hand side. Tip: Here you can create a ‘Volunteer Tab’ to list out all of the available volunteer positions corresponding to your volunteer event.

1. To create a new volunteer position, click “Add New Component” and scroll to “Volunteer Opportunities.

2. Fill out the name and description of the volunteer opportunity

3. Further customize the volunteer opportunity, adding the skills, focus areas, and the location of the position.

Customized options to add to the volunteer event page

**Repeat steps 1-3 for every new volunteer opportunity you would like to post on your event page

Volunteer event page on Kambeo that can be shared with all of your employees

4. Track the results of your volunteer efforts

Remind employees to log their hours after the volunteer event so you can begin tracking your organization’s social impact.

Ability for employees to log volunteer hours after a shift

5. Share your social good

Share your employees’ accomplishments from the volunteer event through Kambeo’s interactive activity feed and story feature.

Sharing social good using Kambeo’s story feature

Interested in setting up a company-wide volunteer event to make a noticeable difference in the world? Book a demo with Kambeo to see how your company can create a volunteer event and involve your employees in a matter of minutes!

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