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Volunteer Spotlight: Bruce Trail Conservatory

Kambeo doesn't just help organizations launch employee volunteer programs; we live and breathe them, too!

We sat down with Adam Hager, Support and QA Manager at Kambeo, to discuss the highlights of his recent volunteer day that he participated in with a handful of other Kambeo employees.

Here is what he had to say about his meaningful experience:

1. Which cause did you volunteer on behalf of? And what did you (and your team) help out with?

The cause that we volunteered for was the Bruce Trail Conservancy – Hike it! Love it! Keep it Clean! Litter Project. The Kambeo team picked a piece of the Bruce Trail, located just outside of Waterdown, Ontario, and spent the day picking up trash along the routes.

Cause project outline Following a successful pilot project completed in 2021 in the Peninsula section, the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) launched the Hike it, Love it, Keep it Clean project this summer. The objective is to clean up the Bruce Trail and learn more about the litter left behind on the trail.

Kambeo employee picking up trash
Adam Hager picking up trash along Bruce Trail

2. What was your workplace’s approach to encouraging you to volunteer?

Kambeo gives all employees four paid volunteer days a year. It’s a great motivator and allows you to do something charitable with your co-workers and get involved in an initiative that helps the community.

3. What was the highlight of your volunteer day?

My highlight of the day was spending time with my co-workers, whom I would normally never see daily due to being a remote company. In addition, it was nice to see all the trash we collected at the end of the day and to feel pride in seeing what we accomplished as a team.

4. How did you share your accomplishments after your volunteer day?

We shared pictures of our day on Kambeo Hubs so that all of our employees and Hubs followers could see our volunteer day in action. We also catalogued the trash the team picked up and sent that information to the Bruce Trail Conservancy. 

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