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a platform built to
inspire social change

At Kambeo, we want to help change the world by providing communities – and the organizations that serve those communities – the tools to build a better world.

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Our history

Kambeo started out as an idea to help connect volunteers with the organizations that needed them. Kambeo Co-founder & CPO, Chris McIntosh set out to make a platform that was as easy for the organization to use as it was for the individual. 

“Kambeo is about making change. By making it easier through the web, we’re simplifying how you can give back. Any small amount of change is change. Kambeo makes it easier to donate, to volunteer, to create your own charitable campaign. Our goal at Kambeo is to help grow social change both within our company and throughout the world.”

The idea was always to help those who were looking to help others. Providing volunteer software was the first step in making that idea become a reality. Today, Kambeo serves as a platform to amplify and support the changemakers and the organizations doing good every single day by providing them the tools to build a better world.

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An illustration of a woman using the Kambeo platform
Our Mission

The driving force behind all our work

To build a better world by providing communities a place to connect with the causes they care about

At Kambeo our mission drives everything we do. From how we build our products to how we interact with one another on a day-to-day basis. The mission is the ‘why’ we do what we do.

Our Vision

Our hope for the future

A world in which our communities are able to better connect and support each other.

By providing communities and the organizations that serve those communities the tools to build a better world. 


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Our values are the actions we take

Our values align with the values of our stakeholders. The communities that we are looking to help, the organizations in which we provide our tools, and the individuals who are part of the Kambeo community.



We are honest in all of our interactions. Honesty builds trust and trust is required for us to build relationships internally and externally.



Being curious means seeking to understand things that we might not know. It means asking questions and forever learning.



Kindness is contagious. For our vision to be realized, kindness must be part of that equation and should be at the forefront of all our interactions.



Empathy allows us to understand the importance of the values we are helping to support. It also allows us to better understand each other and our customers.



Being Better means to continually seek out ways to grow. Guided by the question, "what is one thing we can do today to improve ourselves tomorrow?"



Being human is all we can really ask of ourselves. We understand that mistakes will be made and that's okay. We learn, we communicate, and we feel.

We've Got A New Look

We are so excited to announce that Gigit Marketplace has officially re-branded to Kambeo! Our team is working hard to ensure everything runs smoothly, but we appreciate your patience as we make this change!