Kambeo Hubs - Coming Summer 2022

Kambeo For Commerce

Kambeo helps businesses of all sizes bring their ESG initiatives and CSR programs to life. With Kambeo, businesses can build a culture focused on social impact that is easily demonstrated to the world.

With your Social Impact Hub, You Can

Share Your Social Impact Story

Simply and transparently share your company's social impact with the world.

Connect With Customers

Connect with your customers by giving back to the communities where they live.

Strengthen Your Company Culture

Attract and retain employees by building a company culture focused on social impact.

Introducing Kambeo Hubs

People want to change the world. They want to buy from and work for companies that do, too. Kambeo Hubs helps you build a company culture focused on social impact that can be demonstrated to the world.

Share your Story
Simply and Transparently
Build a Company Culture
Focused on Social Impact
Attract and Retain
Employees and Customers
Help your Employees make a
Positive Impact in their Communities

People want to change the world.
They want to work for and buy from companies that do, too.

Kambeo Hubs is the first-ever social impact platform to seamlessly connect your company with the causes you support and the communities you serve — and this connection is how all our efforts are maximized.

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Interested in Setting up a Social Impact Hub on Kambeo?

Check out our K10 Program and see if your company qualifies for a free, no-obligation, 6-month trial.

Offer ends October 31, 2022.

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Tools and Features

Customizable Social Impact Report

The first-ever, real-time community impact dashboard provides businesses the ability to showcase their contributions over time. Socially conscious consumers and potential employees will be able to understand the output of your CSR programs in a way that speaks to them. 

Activity Feed

Kambeo Hubs provides companies with a social impact platform for enhanced discoverability. Share your positive contributions through powerful metrics, visuals, and narratives.

Kambeo Activity Feeds


Share your social good story with the world. Easily share success stories from events, volunteer opportunities, and fundraisers with only a few clicks.  Our templates make it easy for you to highlight the impact your organization is making.

Events & Fundraisers

Create maximum impact by providing your employees and the charities you support with world-class fundraising tools. Kambeo makes it easy to connect employees with causes they care about, making giving back more rewarding, engaging, and meaningful.

Volunteer Opportunities

Easily create company-wide volunteer opportunities or allow your employees to search through all opportunities posted by supported nonprofits and charities. Track all of the hours that your employees are giving back to their communities and highlight the good being done.


Employees can easily search through all auction items currently available from any company event, employee fundraiser or charity event.


Built-in communication tools support collaboration among employees to foster a culture of social impact.

Connecting Brands With Their Nonprofit Partners

Whether a local coffee shop, a Fortune 500 company, or anything in between, Kambeo Hubs empowers you to make a difference in your community. 

Demonstrate your brand’s commitment to positive social change in a verified and transparent way. 

Bring to life the real-world impact of your entire workforce’s CSR activities, in real-time. 

Highlight the Good Your Company is Doing

Take control of your outward CSR awareness for increased revenue, customer loyalty, and brand equity. 

Boost employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention through deeper and more meaningful connections with causes in your communities.  

Engage Your Employees

Put CSR activities back in the hands of your employees. Instead of company-created initiatives, give the power back to your people. Enable them to discover community causes that will enrich and fulfill their lives.


Found a need icon


Supported charities as well as company or employee-run events can create Fund-a-need items that allow donors to donate directly to a specific item or program so they know exactly where their money is going.


Charities will have the ability to create Outcomes to help supporters better understand the impact of their actions and donations.

Hub Store

An aggregate store that allows employees to easily search all items currently for sale from any supported charity or the hub company itself. Items in the Hub Store can have a dollar amount or percentage of each sale go towards a supported Charity in the Hub 

Want to see Kambeo Hubs in action?

See how your company and entire workforce’s CSR activities can be shared in a verified and transparent way – publicly and in real-time.

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