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Kambeo for Community

Kambeo connects people who are looking to make a difference with opportunities to do so. Kambeo is the first social impact platform where changemakers can track and amplify the good that they are doing in their communities and around the world.

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Share your Social Good Story with the World

Build Your Profile

Create a social good profile to measure and amplify all of the good that you do.


Browse impactful opportunities and help make a difference.


Find and support causes you care about in your community.

Track & Amplify all the Good that You Do

Kambeo is the first social impact platform that lets you track, measure, and share the good that you do.

Get involved in your community

Connect with causes in your community with volunteer and fundraising opportunities.

Support the Causes that Matter to You

Find a cause close to your heart and give it the support it needs.

Find Volunteer Opportunities Faster

Quickly search and apply for volunteer opportunities in your community and online.

Join the community!

Join the thousands of people already discovering the power of Kambeo and its community!

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