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Make a Difference

A simple online tool that allows you to create fundraisers, collect donations, run auctions, manage volunteers, and track progress.

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Why Kambeo

A platform built to inspire social change

At Kambeo, we want to help change the world by providing communities and the organizations that serve those communitiesthe tools to build a better world.

Do more with Kambeo

Reach more people

With Kambeo’s online tools, you can easily create and share a number of different events to your current marketing channels to help raise awareness and money for your causes.

Raise more money

With more options than any other platform, Kambeo lets you get creative in how you raise funds so you can run multiple events over a year or at the same time.

Save valuable time

By having one centralized hub to create fundraisers, run an auction, manage volunteers, and collect donations, Kambeo eliminates the need of juggling multiple software.

Eliminate your risk

Completely free to get started with no monthly fee, Kambeo lets you create what you need immediately so you can start raising awareness and money for the causes that matter to you.

Easily Connect

Simplify how you connect

Change the world no matter where you are.

Our online tools let you create, manage and share your:

    • Events
    • Donation Pages
    • Online Auctions
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Fundraisers

Reach more people. Raise more money. Realize your mission.

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Getting started has never been easier

Quickly set up your profile or group page with our drag and drop functionality to create beautifully branded pages.
Run a fundraiser, post a volunteer gig, collect donations, run an online auction, and easily share these from anywhere.
Highlight all of the good being done in your community and inspire others to make a difference at the same time.
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Make It Yours

Customize your
Kambeo experience

Change starts with you!

  • Create custom branded pages to fit your brand and your cause.
  • Drag and drop functionality lets you easily set up your fundraiser, donation page, online auction, and more…
  • Everything you need to start making a difference today!


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Join the hundreds of organizations already discovering the power of Kambeo and its community!

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We love helping those who help others

"Our Kambeo experience has been exceptional! The entire Kambeo team have stepped up to make our transition simple. I’d recommend this platform to any non-profit organization."

Renata Cvitkovic Regional Manager, Ontario, MADD Canada

“I would highly recommend Kambeo to anyone who is looking to take their fundraising, event management, and donor management to the next level!”

Matthew Zeyl Process Design & Implementation Lead, tiptap

“This is an incredible - powerful - tool for any non-profit who is struggling with managing their people. From donors to volunteers to 3rd party fundraisers, Kambeo is building a one-stop shop for every charity to maximize their potential!”

Stephanie Brown Interim Executive Director, The Hamilton Aviary

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