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A fully connected social impact platform
for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.

Do Good. Change the World.

The first-ever social impact platform that connects
cause, community, and commerce.



Kambeo has a complete toolset to help nonprofits and charities raise more money, reach more people, and realize their mission.



Kambeo connects people who are looking to make a difference with opportunities to do so. Kambeo is the first social impact platform where changemakers can track and amplify the good that they are doing in their communities and around the world.



Kambeo helps businesses of all sizes bring their ESG initiatives and CSR programs to life. With Kambeo, businesses can build a culture focused on social impact that is easily demonstrated to the world.

Everything you need to make a difference

Now’s the time to make a difference, and there’s a platform to help you do it. It’s called Kambeo — a single platform that enables you to connect with the causes you care about, donate, organize, volunteer and spread the word. Kambeo helps you give back where you live, work, and travel.

“I had never run an online auction before and Kambeo was able to answer my questions which for me was a huge factor in why we chose to use Kambeo. We raised over $22,000 for the local Poppy Trust Fund which was great. We had 100% sell-through.”

Calvin Feurstein

Canadian Premier League

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