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How To Start An Employee Volunteer Program In 5 Steps

By launching an employee volunteer program, your company can significantly impact the community and be a force for social good.

Employees want to take pride in where they work; to walk away each day with a sense of accomplishment, success, and fulfillment.

These feelings that embody one’s sense of pride can, of course, come from positive recognition and the establishment of healthy workplace relationships. However, for employees to truly take pride in where they work, they must be intrinsically motivated to their full potential.

So, what can organizations do to help employees reach their full potential and achieve a maximum level of pride? By starting an employee volunteer program.

Let’s explain how to develop one in five simple steps:

How does an employee volunteer program improve retention?

By integrating volunteering into a workplace program, you give employees a chance to contribute to something greater than themselves.

It is not often that an employee’s interests and passions outside of work can be brought into their professional lives. With an employee volunteer program, employees are encouraged on behalf of their workplace to take action, seek meaningful opportunities, volunteer over time, and make a difference.

The sense of accomplishment and personal development that comes from volunteering boosts employee morale. And, higher morale reduces employees’ likelihood of searching for another job by 59%.

Now that you know how an employee volunteer program improves retention, let’s dive into how you can implement a program of your own:

How to start an employee volunteer program

1) Assess the interest of your employees

You can easily find out how your employees feel about volunteering by distributing surveys. Involvement in a volunteer program will be higher if you create a volunteer program meeting their expectations and interests.

Here are some questions you can include in a survey to assess your employees’ interest in a volunteer program:

  1. How important is volunteering to you?
  2. Do you currently volunteer? If so, how often?
  3. How many volunteer days would you want to take part in each year?
  4. Do you believe that volunteering supports long-term personal growth?
  5. Would you be interested in joining a committee to identify and plan corporate giving efforts?

Download our employee survey template here >>

2) Connect employees with causes

Volunteer software is the most effective resource for bringing together employees with nonprofits & charities. Below is an example of how volunteer software can be used among your employees:

  1. Employees can select a focus area that aligns with their values (i.e., children & youth, education & literacy, disaster relief).
  2. Upon selecting a focus area, all nonprofits and charities (causes) related to that focus area will appear.
  3. Employees can follow any cause they choose and then browse through volunteer opportunities within those causes to apply.
Causes filtered by focus area within a volunteer software

3) Establish nonprofit-corporate partnerships

Your employees have found volunteer opportunities to take part in individually, but your organization can do its part to establish more volunteer opportunities to increase participation and engagement. The best way to accomplish this is by hosting company-wide volunteer days on behalf of your nonprofit partners.

Let’s suppose Company ABC has maintained a nonprofit-corporate partnership with “Going Green,” a nonprofit focused on creating a healthier planet. After two months, Company ABC decides they want to execute a company-wide beach clean-up day on account of “Going Green” and enlist the support of their employees. The volunteer day resulted in a 78% employee participation rate, and each employee volunteered for a total of 6 hours.

4) Allocate designated volunteer days

You can take all the necessary steps to set up a volunteer program, but without the input of your employees, it won’t result in much success. To maximize participation, companies are encouraged to give employees paid time off to volunteer throughout the year.

Giving employees one day per quarter is a great starting point. One volunteer day per quarter gives employees sufficient time to:

  • Form close connections with members of nonprofits & charities.
  • Develop new interests & passions outside of work.
  • Improve personal development skills, i.e., organization, teamwork, and leadership.

5)  Monitor results of a volunteer program

Collecting and monitoring volunteer data helps you track your employee volunteer program. Like any other program implemented in the workplace, tracking results is crucial to determine what areas need improvement and what works well.

The following are some specific metrics to monitor:

  • How many employees have volunteered?
  • How many hours have employees volunteered?
  • How many causes have been supported through volunteering?
  • How many volunteer applications have employees submitted?
Measurement of employee volunteer program
Ability to monitor your company volunteer program on a volunteer software

With more than 70% of employees now demanding social responsibility from companies, why not start your journey to becoming more socially conscious with an employee volunteer program? Improve your social impact by enabling employees to get involved in social good initiatives through volunteering.

When you follow these five seamless steps, your volunteer program will allow employees to reach their maximum potential and feel a greater sense of pride at work. The type of pride that leads to a stronger work ethic and loyalty.

Start your employee volunteer program using Kambeo. Kambeo connects your employees with causes and lets them discover volunteer opportunities while enabling you to track the results of their efforts.

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