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10 SMBs In New York Mastering Corporate Social Responsibility

We highlight 10 companies in New York that are mastering corporate social responsibility as part of their daily business practices.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The majority of organizations are aware of the term corporate social responsibility (CSR). It implies that a company must become more socially responsible, making an environmental and social impact alongside earning a profit.

However, while CSR may be a known concept, not every organization applies it.

We uncover 10 small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in New York that are actively practicing CSR in their everyday operations, demonstrating their commitment to change —and excelling at it. 

1. Odeko

Who they are: Odeko is a smart operation software that enables cafés to easily manage their inventory, making it easier for them to run and grow their business.

Company size: 198

CSR: A software that not only saves customers money and time—but helps to save the planet. Odeko consolidates deliveries, as it operates with fewer delivery trucks on the road. This means that 1/3 of carbon emissions are reduced due to its streamlined operations.

2. Suzy

Who they are: Suzy provides businesses with trusted, data-driven insights to help them make faster, customer-centric decisions.

Company size: 298

CSR: Suzy is a founding partner of NYTechCares — a coalition of New York technology companies standing up against racial inequality and helping those affected by COVID-19. Created by Suzy and powered by Percent Pledge, they’ve made it easy for organizations and employees to be part of something bigger.


Who they are: ROKT is a solutions-based platform to help organizations grow revenue on their site and acquire new customers at scale.

Company size: 405

CSR: ROKT is focused on hiring and retaining a diverse workforce that inspires creativity, innovation, and collaboration. The different nationalities of its employees enable all team members to learn about each other’s unique cultures, helping to build a stronger workplace.

4. Stash

Who they are: Stash is a personal finance app to help anyone meet their financial goals. Whether it is budgeting, saving, or retirement, Stash features banking, investing, and advice all in one app.

Company size: 505

CSR: Stash wants to empower all Americans to build wealth and achieve greater financial freedom. To help them reach these goals, Stash provides them with access to affordable investing and unlimited financial education.

5. Teachable

Who they are: Teachable is an online community that connects individuals with over 10,000 peers to network, exchange ideas, and receive support from one another.

Company size: 320

CSR: Teachable is dedicated to the principle of community, believing that no one should have to work alone. By bringing together like-minded individuals who are eager to share best practices and help each other succeed, Teachable prioritizes its users feeling valued and supported.

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6. Away

Who they are:  Away Travel is creating equitable access to travel so that everyone can enjoy the benefits and self-development that come from seeing the world.

Company size: 506

CSR: Away Travel formed a partnership with Global Glimpse—a nonprofit making travel possible for 6,500 high school students. This partnership led to the creation of the Passport Scholarship Fund, which covers the costs of students getting their first passports.

7. Bowery Farming

Who they are: Bowen Farming is making our agricultural system more sustainable by growing produce on community-first farms and using less packaging and resources in the process.

Company size: 488

CSR: Aside from its eco-friendly farming practices, Bowery supports nonprofit organizations, such as Maryland Food Bank and DC Central Kitchen, all striving to make fresh food more accessible to individuals in their local communities.

8. Haven Technologies

Who they are: Haven Tech is an end-to-end InsurTech platform for the life and annuities industry that allows carriers to leverage their innovative platform as their own.

Company size: 359

CSR: HavenTech believes in making insurance less hard, providing expert advice as a set of professional services. This act of generosity helps its clients achieve big goals and solve challenging problems.

9. Headway

Who they are: Headway is building the first asset-free national network of therapists who accept insurance. (70% of therapists don’t currently accept insurance because of the administrative burden).

Company size: 440

CSR: Headway is making affordable mental health care possible. Tens of millions of Americans seek help every day but can’t afford it due to the high out-of-pocket costs. Headway’s solution prioritizes the health and well-being of every individual in need of counseling.  

10. RapidSOS

Who they are: RapidSOS is an emergency response platform to help first responders get the data they need to save more lives.

Company size: 205

CSR: RapidSOS is on a mission to ensure public safety and survival. With over 1 billion emergencies each year relying on the limited context of a phone call, RapidSOS provides intelligent data to first responders so that all emergencies can be handled with a detailed level of precision.

Companies can’t ignore the demands of their stakeholders to do their part in making a difference in the communities in which they live and work. These 10 SMBs in New York are doing just that—making a lasting social impact by incorporating CSR into their business framework.

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