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How Your Business Can Benefit From A Social Impact Platform

A social impact platform is at the intersection of cause, community, and commerce—helping your organization easily measure and amplify the good being done.

Every day, people and organizations wake up with the intention of doing good.  And yet, there is no one place where they can connect that gives them the tools they need to build more meaningful relationships while amplifying the good that they are doing. 

Enter the social impact platform. 

What is a Social Impact Platform?

A social impact platform brings together nonprofits, charities, individuals, and businesses who share a common goal of giving back while tracking and amplifying the good they are doing.  Simply put, it connects those who want to help with those who need help. 

A social impact platform helps causes get the support they need, helps individuals find opportunities to support causes that matter to them, and helps businesses align and support nonprofits and charities while empowering their employees to live their values at work.  And while social impact platforms have many benefits for nonprofits and individuals, this post will look at how businesses can benefit from a social impact platform.

Companies need to do more than turn a profit; they need to be consciously giving back to their communities. In fact, 93% of employees believe companies must lead with a purpose. And 77% of consumers are motivated to buy from companies making the world a better place.

Having a social impact platform is equally important as giving back. It connects your employees with more causes in the community while showcasing your progress over time.

Do you think your company is currently doing enough to help make a positive change in the world? If not, investing in a social impact platform could make a significant difference in amplifying your efforts.

This blog discusses the primary characteristics of social impact software, how to choose the right platform and the benefits of embracing technology to change the way you change the world.

Social Impact Platforms for Businesses

A social impact platform is a tool that will help your business execute all of its social change initiatives. This includes efforts like increasing donations, encouraging volunteering, and fundraising. Organizations can also simultaneously measure their impact, which is backed by authentic and verified data.

A social impact hub is at the intersection of cause, community, and commerce. Employees can identify charitable causes that align with their values and subsequently join forces with other community supporters to make a difference.

How Does It Work?

Below are some of the key features that most platforms will include:

  • Donation giving
  • Fundraiser and event management
  • Volunteer recruitment and scheduling
  • Merchandise storefront
  • Real-time metrics dashboard

Why Should You Prioritize Social Impact?

Before we dive deeper into the benefits of a social impact platform, let’s touch on the reasons why businesses like yours need to prioritize their commitment to social change:

Increase trust

When you show your audience that you are committed to social change, you increase the level of trust that your customers—and potential customer–have in your business.

One study showed that companies integrating social responsibility into their business plan increased their brand and reputational value by 11 percent.

Improve productivity and engagement

When employees feel that they are working towards a cause beyond helping their employer generate revenue, engagement and productivity levels will spike.

When an organization cares about its community and continually strives to increase its positive impact, its employees will experience a sense of belonging, significance, and purpose. These fulfilled employees will be more likely to become long-term employees.

Expand your audience

94 percent of consumers believe that companies should strive to have a positive impact on society. Imagine how many more customers you could acquire if you dedicate your resources toward corporate responsibility?

People will be more inclined to invest in your business and buy your products or services when you are dedicated to social change and share tangible proof of your commitment.

Build stronger relationships

As your business begins to utilize a social impact platform, you will likely generate stronger relationships with your employees.

Remember, employees want to be a part of something greater. Your employees will feel a stronger connection to their workplace when you give them the chance to do good on behalf of their organization. Volunteering, hosting a fundraiser, or donating shouldn’t only be accomplished outside of work; it should be encouraged within the company as well.

What Are The Benefits Of A Social Impact Platform?

1. Recognize employee milestones

Social impact software can make it easier for you to track and recognize employee milestones as they occur.

For example, you will be notified right away if an employee donates to a particular organization or contributes a certain number of volunteer hours towards a specific event. When you stay informed about these accomplishments, you can make sure you celebrate them and show your appreciation right away.

2. Improve connections and relationships

Some workplaces operate in silos, making it challenging to improve employee connections. As your organization adopts a social impact platform, employees from various departments can work together to achieve a common goal.

Everyone can find common ground and bond over their devotion to a particular cause when they know the efforts their colleagues are putting forth. In addition, they can motivate one another to strive for new milestones and accomplish more.

Metrics measured on Kambeo’s social impact platform that are also made visible to the public

3. Share social impact in real-time

When your employees donate to a cause, volunteer in the community, or host a fundraiser, their contributions are added to your running total, and the platform updates live.

Similar to how LinkedIn keeps an organization’s followers regularly updated, a social impact platform does the same, but with a focus on cause-related content. A social impact platform measures the following (inputs that are tallied from all of your employees) and shares these metrics with the public:

  • The amount you have raised globally (through fundraising and donation efforts)
  • Total volunteer hours invested
  • Partners supported (charities and nonprofits)
  • Number of employees involved

Quantifying the impact that your organization is making will increase your brand perception, enhancing your consumers’ attitudes towards your brand and giving them a reason to choose you over your competitors.

4. Maintain a cost-effective budget

With any social media, email, or print campaign comes a costly bill at the end of the campaign. If you’re not careful, you can easily burn through your entire ad spend before the year is over. And the worst part is that you might not have even generated the results you wanted. 

Luckily, a social impact platform can help you stick to a budget when it comes to increasing brand awareness and equity. As many platforms are low-cost or free to use, you can share your message with the click of a button: as doing good shouldn’t be tied to any pricey ad campaigns.

How Can Your Business Choose The Right Platform?

Here are some tips that can help your organization evaluate a social impact platform:

Consider your needs and goals

Start by revisiting your company’s mission statement, values, and long-term goals. Think about the kinds of social change initiatives you want to launch, too. Do you want to increase the amount you spend on charitable global giving? Devote more hours to community volunteering? Host more fundraising events on behalf of causes you care about?

Review features lists

When comparing different platforms, take detailed note of the specific features and functionalities each one offers. You might even want to share your findings with a few other employees to get their input and feedback.

Be sure to keep your goals and mission in mind so you choose a product that will help you to accomplish them. Don’t let yourself get distracted by features that aren’t necessary or relevant to your business.

Learn about the company

Do some research into the company behind the platform. What other kinds of products do they offer? How long have they been around? What do their customers have to say about them and the quality of their products?

Ask for a demo

Always request a demo before investing in a particular technology. This gives you a chance to see how it works, evaluate its usability, and ask any specific questions.

You can then use the information gathered during the demo to decide whether that particular platform is a good fit for your team and aligns with your mission and values.

Kambeo Hubs: Giving You The Tools To Build A Better World

The right platform can be a game-changer when it comes to amplifying your commitment to social change, retaining employees, and sharing your story.

If you’re looking for a tool that checks all the boxes listed above, Kambeo Hubs is for you.  

An intuitive platform at the intersection of cause, community, and commerce. Kambeo gives your employees the tools to build a better world so your organization can focus on building a company culture focused on social impact.

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