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Kambeo has thousands of users who are actively looking to give back to causes like yours.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain new donors.

What others are saying

“We chose Kambeo because it allows our team to connect directly with charities and nonprofits they care about. Kambeo gives us a platform to enable our team members to get involved, share our story, and celebrate impact!”

Chris Lubick

Verdi Commerce

Let others fundraise on your behalf

When you create a cause page on Kambeo, individuals and businesses can fundraise on your behalf with all of the proceeds going directly into your account.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Create your profile

Building your profile is quick and easy with our self-guided onboarding. It takes just a few minutes to build your custom-branded cause page.

Enter your charity ID

Make sure you have your charity ID handy in order to verify and authenticate your organization.

Connect your stripe account

Connect your stripe account if you already have one so you can start receiving donations immediately.


A cause page is a custom-branded page that exists on the Kambeo platform.  It lets all Kambeo users discover your organization and your mission, while at the same time allowing for donations that go directly into your account.

It only takes 10 minutes to create your cause page.  Our self-guided onboarding makes it very simple to get completely setup.

Creating your page is very easy with our self-guided onboarding. You can get started here.

You can also check out this quick how-to video, which walks through the process as well.

Creating your cause page is completely free and will give you exposure to thousands of people who are looking to give back.

After you create your page, there is little to no management required.  You can always go in and update information about your organization but it is pretty hands-off after the initial setup.

Not only will your organization be seen by thousands of Kambeo users, but you will be able to receive donations directly to your account as they come in.  You can also share volunteer opportunities for those who are looking to volunteer.

That’s a great question and we hear this quite often.  Kambeo acts as another opportunity to get your cause in front of those who are actively looking to give back.  Our user community is always looking for causes to donate to and to volunteer for.  You can keep running your other software and look at this as an added opportunity to reach more people who want to help make a difference.

Learn how the platform can support your specific needs

See how you can build a company culture focused on social impact.

  • Create and maintain an environment where everyone feels valued, respected and fully engaged

  • Empower employees to help causes most meaningful to them

  • Demonstrate your commitment to positive social change in a verified and transparent way

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Our Story

Kambeo started out as an idea to help connect volunteers with the organizations that needed them. Kambeo Co-founder & CPO, Chris McIntosh set out to make a platform that was as easy for the organization to use as it was for the individual.

“Kambeo is about making change. By making it easier through the web, we’re simplifying how you can give back. Any small amount of change is change. Kambeo makes it easier to donate, to volunteer, to create your own charitable campaign. Our goal at Kambeo is to help grow social change both within our company and throughout the world.”

The idea was always to help those who were looking to help others. Providing volunteer software was the first step in making that idea become a reality. Today, Kambeo serves as a platform to amplify and support the changemakers and the organizations doing good every single day by providing them the tools to build a better world.

Our Mission

Change the way people change the world.

At Kambeo our mission drives everything we do. From how we build our products to how we interact with one another on a day-to-day basis. The mission is the ‘why’ we do what we do.

Our Vision

Our vision is to connect cause, community, and commerce to accelerate and amplify the good being done in our communities and around the world. We will look to accomplish this by bringing together nonprofits, schools, businesses, and the people who support them within a single platform.