Kambeo Hubs - Coming Summer 2022

Kambeo for Schools

The Kambeo platform connects you with your community and the causes that need support.  It also provides your student body with tools to make a difference today.

Why use Kambeo for your school?

Connect Students With Volunteer Opportunities

Kambeo lets your students find volunteer opportunities within your community.

Easily Organize Fundraising Campaigns

Crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, online auctions — the choice is yours.

Support and Amplify Your Community

Easily connect with your community and highlight your impact.

Raise Funds for Schools and Events

With multiple fundraising options, Kambeo makes it easy for your school to raise awareness and support.

Find Volunteer Opportunities

Kambeo helps students find volunteer opportunities in their community.

Support Events in The Community

You can join events that need your support in your community.  Find a cause that is close to your heart.

Sell Merchandise

You can easily set up an online store to sell goods and services in support of your school or in support of a cause.

Ready to join the Kambeo community?