Kambeo Hubs - Coming Summer 2022

Kambeo for Businesses

Kambeo is the only social platform purpose-built for corporate social accountability and precise community impact attribution.   With Kambeo, your business can align with nonprofits and causes that match your brand and values.

Why use Kambeo for your business?

Support Your Community

Is your business looking to give back to the communities that support you? Kambeo can help.

Rally Your Employees

Many employees are passionate about giving back. Kambeo has the tools to help you make a difference.

Corporate Social Accountability

With Kambeo, you can highlight the good being done in your organization.

Fundraise on Behalf of a Cause

Join as individuals and/or teams to help support a cause that is meaningful to your employees and your organization.

Connect with your Community

Quickly search to find events and fundraisers running near you and lend your support through volunteering or donating.

Corporate Social Accountability

Create a custom branded company page and highlight all of the good that your organization is doing in your communities.

Sell Merchandise

Create your own storefront and sell items in support of a cause or charity.

Ready to join the Kambeo community?