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How MADD Canada Used Kambeo to Effectively Fundraise

2020 was a challenging year for everyone – including nonprofit organizations – and MADD Canada was no exception. The national organization found itself in the challenging situation of needing to raise funds and continue to serve their communities, yet unable to do so in the traditional in-person ways due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


At both a national and regional Chapter and Community Leadership Group level, MADD Canada began to look for options to continue their peer-to-peer fundraising activities and silent auction events, but virtually every option they reviewed was difficult to implement and costly, leaving them wondering how they might continue to effectively fundraise.


MADD Canada chose Kambeo because it provides the management of all their events – on every level. From donations to tax receipts, volunteers and auctions, Kambeo is a platform that is both intuitive and simple to use, while housing all of MADD Canada’s fundraising needs. MADD Canada was so pleased with the Kambeo platform that they signed a 3-year commitment to use Kambeo at a national level for all their fundraising events and activities.


Kambeo not only onboarded MADD Canada and many regional Chapters but also made a list of functional changes that MADD Canada specifically felt would ensure their ongoing success and ease of use. Kambeo implemented those changes to the platform quickly to keep the momentum of their national fundraising efforts going.

Initial fundraising efforts included a national peer-to-peer fundraising event called Strides for Change – one of the organization’s most important annual fundraising initiatives that support impaired driving education, prevention, and support for its victims across Canada. This ran alongside their silent auction, which MADD Canada also successfully hosted on the Kambeo platform.


The MADD Canada and Kambeo partnership has been a resounding success for both organizations. MADD Canada has been able to realize its ongoing fundraising objectives with zero cost added to their budget for software or platforms to facilitate these events. In addition, through their partnership with Kambeo, MADD Canada has been able to have specific Kambeo platform functionality created to further customize their user experience.

MADD Canada’s first-ever virtual walk or run to raise funds was implemented both nationally and at a regional level and, through Kambeo, has helped to raise money and increase awareness of MADD Canada’s mission. In addition, their online auction has raised over $7,000. MADD Canada is so pleased with the auction results that they will be running another within a month. With their 3-year commitment in place, MADD Canada is set to continue leveraging Kambeo as their primary partner for their fundraising and events moving forward.

Words from Renata Cvitkovic, Regional Manager, Ontario, MADD Canada

“Finding Kambeo was a very important opportunity for us since we needed a way to continue fundraising without adding cost to our national and regional budgets. Our Kambeo experience has been exceptional and Chris McIntosh [Kambeo Co-founder & President] and the entire Kambeo team have stepped up to make our transition simple. We are very pleased to be using Kambeo and working with their team. I’d recommend this platform to any non-profit organization.” 

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