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Customer Spotlight: Serco Canada

In this customer spotlight, we talk with Serco Canada, a provider of services to the federal and provincial governments, to discuss the success of their fundraiser hosted on Kambeo.

1. Can you tell us more about the “Serco Stands with the People of Ukraine” fundraiser that was hosted on Kambeo?

Our company was interested in running a Canada-wide fundraiser to benefit the people of Ukraine. We were looking for an online solution to help us sell our “Serco Stands with Ukraine” bracelets, run our online auction, and manage our virtual walk-a-thon. We discovered that Kambeo was able to assist us with all three arms of this fundraising effort.

2. What was the fundraising goal set by Serco Canada?

Our goal was to raise $10,000.00. Using Kambeo, we exceeded our goal and raised $16,325.69. The Serco Foundation matched our funds raised for a grand total of $ 32,651.38!

Serco Canada’s fundraiser on Kambeo

3. How were employees encouraged and motivated to become active participants throughout the fundraiser?

We launched an extensive communications plan to inform and motivate our employees across Canada. Our staff were excited to get involved in supporting the cause whether it be through monetary donations, purchasing items through our bracelet sale and auction, friendly competition with co-workers around the country in the virtual walk, donating prizes, or simply by gifting their time to help make the fundraiser a success.

4. Why do you believe it’s important for Serco Canada to balance purpose and profit, helping to give back to communities in need?

The crisis in Ukraine struck a chord with all Serco employees. It felt good to take action and know that we were making a positive impact around the world. We were also very proud to see that Serco offered a fund-matching scheme via the Serco Foundation that effectively doubled our funds raised to benefit the people of Ukraine. 

To learn more about Serco Canada’s fundraiser, “Serco Stands with the People of Ukraine,” visit: https://app.kambeo.io/event/serco.stands.with.ukraine

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