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Corporate Fundraiser Spotlight With Verdi Commerce

To help raise awareness for a noteworthy charity—David's Refuge—Verdi Commerce leveraged Kambeo to spread the word and raise nearly $5,000.

Can you tell us more about the recent Autism Awareness Fundraiser you hosted? What was the driving force behind it? 

In short, my son Jack was diagnosed with Autism before his second birthday. He is now 8 years old, non-verbal, and completely reliant on my wife and me. While caring for him has been challenging, both emotionally and physically, we’ve been fortunate to have an incredible support group between family and friends to provide assistance when it was most needed. The charity we supported, David’s Refuge, aims to provide that same level of assistance to the parents and caregivers of children with special needs who don’t have a solid support group, or simply need more help. There are many worthwhile charities that support the special needs community, but what David’s Refuge does is unique and valuable.

How did you spread awareness around your fundraiser in the days and weeks leading up to it? 

The entire team at Verdi really helped spread the word to their professional and personal networks. Whether directly or via social media, our team did a great job taking up the cause of creating awareness for the fundraiser and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) specifically.

What were some of your greatest highlights and accomplishments from the fundraiser?

We raised nearly $5,000, which was amazing, even more so when we were able to see so many amazing people making contributions. That said, as a father of an autistic son, the greatest highlight will be knowing just how many families in need will be supported by our efforts.

If you could give other organizations advice on the planning and execution of a fundraiser, what would it be?

Don’t think, do. You will be amazed by the support you will get internally from team members and externally from their networks.

How did Kambeo play a role in your fundraiser’s success?

My second piece of advice for organizations considering supporting a charitable cause is to find a partner who can help facilitate the process. From pre-planning to messaging and processing donations, Kambeo played that role for us and did so with an incredible passion for what we were doing!

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About Verdi Commerce

Verdi Commerce is a data-driven remarketing solutions company that partners with leading technology & houseware brands to repurpose their returned and certified refurbished inventory via a proprietary business model focused on transparency and sustainability. The company was founded in 2012 by Kevin Hamann and Jeromy McVige and acquired by private equity in December 2020. The co-founders continue to manage all day-to-day operations and strategy for the firm. 

About David’s Refuge

To obtain a better understanding of the work David’s Refuge does, we asked them a few questions:

When was David’s Refuge founded and what is the mission behind it?

David’s Refuge was founded in 2012 by Warren and Brenda Pfohl in honour of their son David who passed away after a 13-year battle with Batten’s Disease. Our mission is to provide respite, resources, and support to parents and guardians of children with special needs or life-threatening medical conditions. Our vision and work are all in place to empower caregivers so that they can lead their families with strength and grace. We work to remind caregivers that they are not alone, that what they do matters, and that their community loves them. 

How has David’s Refuge evolved over the years? 

 For the last 11 years, David’s Refuge has seen steady and consistent growth in both the families we serve and the donors, volunteers, and community that support this beautiful mission. Our growth is a direct reflection of the needs of the community, of the families we support, and the steadfast dedication of our supporters, staff, and Board. We know that our growth and abilities to support this underserved population of families are dependent on a loving and generous community of people who believe in what we are doing. 

What are some short-term and long-term goals David’s Refuge would like to reach?

In the short term, it is our wish that every caregiver we serve is reminded that they are not alone in their journey and that they immediately feel a deep sense of connection, happiness, support, and love from David’s Refuge. We have this same goal for all people who come into contact with our mission: be it donors, volunteers, our staff, and the community at large.

Over the next 5 years, our goal is to have full brand recognition and services available in all parts of New York State. We will continue to expand our abilities to serve the thousands of caregivers who need us. We will grow all services including our overnight respite, community events, and wellness education offerings. Through our mission, we will reduce caregiver burnout and create a lasting impact in the lives of the families within the disability community. 

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