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7 Causes Doing Good On Kambeo

Whether its finding solutions to emerging issues, implementing programs & services, or conducting research in a specific field, we explore 7 causes doing good on Kambeo’s social impact platform.

Kambeo is changing the way people change the world. A social impact platform that seamlessly brings together nonprofits, charities, companies, and individuals who share a common goal of giving back.

While businesses and community supporters are actively working to shape the communities in which they work and live, we wanted to shed light on some of the nonprofits and charities using Kambeo whose efforts improve the lives of others every day. 

Whether using Kambeo to promote a volunteer opportunity, collect donations, or organize a fundraiser, these 7 nonprofits and charities highlighted below are transforming their communities for a better tomorrow. 

Let’s further explore the notable charities and nonprofits using Kambeo:

1) Chatham Kent Student Nutrition Program 

Who they are: The Chatham Kent Student Nutrition Program provides breakfast and snacks to students in the Chatham Kent Region. With the help of community partners and volunteers, 10,000 students participate in this program, with 1.5 million snacks and meals served each school year.

How are they using Kambeo: The Chatham Kent Student Nutrition Program utilizes Kambeo to connect with generous individuals willing to purchase ingredients or prepare snacks that will support kids’ health and development. 

2) Canadian Cancer Society

Who they are: The Canadian Cancer Society supports millions of Canadians living with all types of cancers across the country. They are on a mission to fund cancer research, offer support services, and shape health policies to prevent cancer.

How are they using Kambeo: The Canadian Cancer Society posts volunteer opportunities through Kambeo to attract qualified changemakers. One current volunteer opportunity is for a Wheels of Hope Volunteer Driver, a service that provides rides to cancer patients who can’t get to their appointments.

3) Rincon Family Services

Who they are: Rincon Family Services (RFS) is a nonprofit organization focused on providing counselling, behavioural health sciences, violence prevention, and family services: all dedicated to promoting the quality of life for individuals and families since 1972.

How are they using Kambeo: Through Kambeo, Rincon Family Services is able to gather volunteers for special events throughout the year. The RFS Annual Holiday Gift Drive is the nonprofit’s latest event this holiday season, providing volunteers with the chance to distribute donated Christmas gifts on-site to less fortunate children.

4) Loop Ministries

Who they are: Loop Ministries is committed to helping people who are struggling with food insecurity by providing groceries to over 3,000 individuals living in the Rochester area. Their Food Pantry Program provides bagged groceries to approximately 390 individuals each month.

How are they using Kambeo: Loop Ministries provides a hot dinner to 40-70 individuals once a month and gives each visitor a bag of nutritious groceries to take home, as well. Using Kambeo, Loop Ministries is able to find volunteers to help set up the grocery distribution area and hand out groceries to the meal guests.

Volunteers at a food bank distributing non-perishable items

5) Wounded Warrior Project 

Who they are: The Wounded Warrior Project transforms the lives of America’s injured: veterans and service members who served in the military on or after 9/11. These individuals are provided with free programs and services to improve their physical, financial, and mental health.

How are they using Kambeo: Through the Wounded Warrior Project’s group page on Kambeo, any changemaker can donate or execute a fundraiser to help fund program delivery, research & education, clinical treatment services, and more.

6) Amedisys Hospice Care 

Who they are: Amedisys Hospice Care provides support to patients living with terminal illnesses, in addition to their caregivers and family. Support services include companionship, socialization, and caregiver relief.

How are they using Kambeo: In order to make end-of-life patients’ lives more comfortable, Amedisys Hospice Care uses Kambeo to source direct care volunteers. Individuals can apply to read to patients, write letters on their behalf to friends & family members, and assist with light household duties.

7) United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin 

Who they are: The United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin unites people and resources to find solutions to existing and emerging social issues. Some examples include: offering literacy programs for kids, peer-led programs for immigrants, and day programs for seniors. 

How are they using Kambeo: Through Kambeo, any individual can fundraise on behalf of The United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin, make a donation, or apply to become a volunteer. The United Way currently has posted 11 volunteer opportunities, such as an online computer club volunteer or patient library volunteer.

Accelerate Your Social Good With Kambeo

Regardless of what social good efforts these nonprofits and charities are pursuing, they all share the same mission: to uplift their communities. 

By implementing a variety of community-serving programs and utilizing a platform like Kambeo to garner help from community members, these 7 nonprofits and charities have made a positive impact on society and are continuing to do so.

Whether your cause wants to amplify your existing social good efforts or branch out and explore new initiatives, Kambeo can connect you with community supporters while driving awareness to your cause.

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