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Tim Fern Announced as the New CEO of Kambeo

Kambeo is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Fern as its new Chief Executive Officer. Tim will be leading Kambeo into its next chapter of growth and change.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, DECEMBER 1, 2021 – Kambeo is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Fern as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Tim is joining Kambeo from Facebook Reality Labs, where he led consumer, commercial, and go-to-market strategy teams for 4+ years. At Facebook, Tim’s efforts were focused on building strategy, infrastructure, and the teams required to deliver software and hardware solutions to customers globally.

Tim Fern, CEO of Kambeo

Tim will be leading Kambeo into its next chapter of growth and change. His ability to integrate his career strengths while further shaping the future of Kambeo makes him a natural fit to lead Kambeo into its next chapter of growth. Kambeo is a powerful and innovative cloud-based tool that makes it easier for individuals and organizations to make a difference. Tim’s vision to empower change-makers, non-profits, and businesses to change the world by removing the barriers associated with creating a positive impact in society is what makes Tim the right fit.

Since joining Kambeo, Tim has led Kambeo into the US market. “We’ve just officially expanded into the US market. By focusing on serving organizations and users, Kambeo as a platform is not only about connecting and supporting non-profits but everyone who is invested in doing good and giving back. Kambeo is the tool that will help build a better world. We’re only just getting started, and there is so much more to come.” Tim shared.

“Kambeo is about making it easier to affect change. It simplifies how people, organizations, and businesses can give back. Any small amount of change is a positive change. Be it donating, volunteering, or creating a charitable campaign – Kambeo’s goal is to help grow social change both within our company and throughout the world. Having Tim lead us into this next chapter is exciting,” shares Co-Founder and CPO Chris McIntosh.

About Kambeo

Kambeo is a platform built to inspire social change. Our mission is to change how people change the world by connecting causes, communities, and commerce. To learn more about Kambeo and our mission, visit us at www.kambeo.io

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