Kambeo Hubs - Coming Summer 2022

An Interview With Chris McIntosh On Kambeo Hubs

We sit down with Kambeo's Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer to discuss the recent launch of Kambeo Hubs.

The next evolution of Kambeo’s social impact platform is here! Kambeo Hubs, recently launched on June 15th, is changing how people change the world.

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Chris McIntosh, of Kambeo, discusses some of the new features in Kambeo Hubs and how this release advances the company’s mission of connecting cause, community, and commerce. 

Question 1: Can you provide a brief overview of Kambeo?

  • Kambeo is a technology platform that helps people connect with charities, nonprofits and the causes they want to support while also connecting them with companies they are a consumer of.
  • We bring together the three facets of the community—the people, the companies, and the nonprofits. Layering on top of that is a social media platform that helps people connect and engage with other people who are passionate about the same things.

Question 2: What are some of the biggest changes coming to Kambeo with the release of Hubs?

  • The first focus of the release is to make our nonprofit solutions easier by simplifying the onboarding process for those users to get on the platform without any true barriers.
  • The major release is focused on the delivery of Hubs, which is our offering for companies and businesses that also want to connect with charities and nonprofits.

Question 3: How is Kambeo Hubs bringing together cause, community, and commerce?

  • Kambeo is a platform for every person in the community to go out and do things and then store that information in a profile similar to other social networks.
  • Bringing in the companies and businesses through Hubs is the realization of the initial vision of the platform—to bring all three groups together. We had to do that in phases, so this is the final phase where we bring that full product offering to market.

Question 4: How is Kambeo different than any other social platform on the market?

  • The majority of social platforms are typically about peer-to-peer communications, either showing or telling people what you are doing.
  • On our platform, you aren’t just posting multimedia or opinions and text. You are also applying to volunteer, making a donation, or creating a fundraiser. The combination of those two is what we believe makes us significantly different and more powerful.

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