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Employee Volunteer Spotlight: Steven Lambe

In this employee volunteer spotlight, Steven Lambe reflects on his volunteer experience with 44 Sarnia Imperial Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Learn more about his responsibilities and accomplishments throughout his 6+ years of volunteer work.

Can you tell us more about some of the work you did for 44 Sarnia Imperial Royal Canadian Air Cadets? What was your role and some of your ongoing responsibilities?

Over the course of 6+ years, I filled many different roles such as:

  • Administering the online services the organization utilized.
  • Acting as the supply officer getting kids the uniforms and other items needed to participate.
  • Instruction across multiple topics such as leadership techniques, drill and ceremonial, and uniform standards.

When did you begin volunteering with 44 Sarnia Imperial Royal Canadian Air Cadets and what attracted you to the cause?

I was a member of the organization as a cadet while in high school and decided that I wanted to give back to the program after aging out. I knew what I got out of the program, and I wanted to offer back what I learned and maybe offer other knowledge and skills that weren’t there when I was a cadet.

What motivated you to stay involved with the Air Cadets for several years?

Primarily it was interacting and working with the cadets and watching them grow, both as cadets and people. It was continually rewarding watching them come in nervous and unsure and eventually exiting as much more confident and motivated young adults.

Throughout your volunteer experience, what are some accomplishments you are most proud of?

  1. Enabling the organization to more effectively communicate with cadets and parents via online methods (email, social media, website).
  2. Helping move and completely reorganize the supply process to make it more efficient to get cadets’ uniforms and replacement parts, equipment, and other necessary teaching aids.

In what ways has volunteering benefited you?

It was always fulfilling to watch the cadets move through the program while gaining more and more confidence and drive every year. I also learned a lot about how I work with a wide range of different people.

The cadet program is open to youth aged 12 to 18, so there was always a range of people to learn from in both directions. It continually gave me the opportunity to better myself, my teaching methods, my skill set, and my knowledge of how to interact with people.

Some of the most enjoyable aspects were organizing and watching the cadets enjoy the various outings we were able to go on, such as the London Air Show, camping weekends, and larger year-end trips.

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