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Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Brown

This month's employee spotlight features Stephanie Brown: Director of Strategic Initiatives at Kambeo. Get to know more about Stephanie and her journey with Kambeo.

Q: What is your current role with Kambeo?

Do I have to pick just one? On paper, I’m the Director of Strategic Initiatives. But anyone who has ever worked in or alongside the non-profit sector knows that you’ll often be asked to wear many hats. My role here at Kambeo has been perfectly crafted for me to support any team, department, or high-level project that will see Kambeo succeed!

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

There is nothing typical about my days! I balance the needs of Kambeo community members along with my strategic projects (like Kambeo Hubs), but I am ready and able to pivot as needed.

Q: Why were you interested in working at Kambeo initially?

I wasn’t interested in working for Kambeo but with Kambeo. I was introduced to them as a client when I needed a powerful tool to support a grassroots organization with big needs and a small budget. I’ve used a lot of software and technology to support other causes but what won me over at Kambeo was the people. They were open, honest, and incredibly receptive to my feedback. They never assumed that they knew what non-profits need but always asked the right questions to get to the heart of the matter.

Q: How do you define giving back?

Giving is helping. It’s acts of kindness big and small. I do my best every day to give something back, whether it’s time, money, support, a smile, or a compliment. I try to emulate it every day for my kiddos and the Kambeo community. When you give and help those who need it, you will find that same support when it’s your time to need a little boost.

Q: What causes are you passionate about?

No surprises here! Animals and literacy win my heart over every time. I’ve also grown extremely fond of my Rotary Club and all of the opportunities they have introduced me to that allow me to take action within my very own community. Passion is contagious among like-minded people who are working together on a project that matters to them. I come away from my Rotary activities buzzing and eager to tackle any challenge.

Q: What is a quote, mantra, or words you live by?

This is a tricky question because it’s subject to my mood, which is subject to my playlist! I have always found that music lifts me no matter what I’m facing. I won’t be able to pick one lyric, but if it’s on a Karaoke playlist or a whole room of people can sing it together because we all know it by heart—then it’s probably a worthy one to live by.

Q: Tell us one fun fact about yourself (something we wouldn’t know) that has nothing to do with work.

I am a closet gamer! I love video games, particularly if they have a story element where I can blend my love of reading together with an interactive experience. Now, if only I could convince some talented devs to build a game based on Jane Austen novels. I’d be winning on all fronts.

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