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Employee Spotlight: Neer Mistry

This month's employee spotlight Product Designer Neer Mistry. Get to know more about Neer and his role at Kambeo.

What is your current role at Kambeo?

I am a Product Designer at Kambeo. I am responsible for the user experience and engagement on the platform.

What have you enjoyed most about designing a robust social impact platform?

I enjoy the challenges that come with my work. It is rewarding to see Kambeo and its technology helping businesses become socially sustainable and drivers of positive change.

What changes have you seen at Kambeo since its inception?

Since its inception, Kambeo has grown fast as a social impact platform. Our products have become more powerful and innovative, but our mission has not changed. We want to become more than just a tool or technology; we want to become an identity for change.

What charitable causes are meaningful to you?

From reducing plastic waste to supporting health sciences, all causes are meaningful to me. I love to show support through volunteering whenever I get time; it gives me a sense of joy and satisfaction to give back to the community in person.

How does Kambeo enable you to give back to your local community?

Kambeo has all the programs I need to give back to the local community on one platform. I can volunteer, donate, fundraise, and live stream for any cause. Or I can simply discover what impact everyone is making around the world and in my local community! Change starts with people, and Kambeo is here to make it possible!

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