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Are Your Fall Fundraising Plans in Place?

Fall represents an incredible time to organize and host lots of exciting fundraisers.  We’re here to help you plan your fall fundraising calendar.  

Fall has always been a pivotal season for non-profits. However, more than one-third of Canadians donated less to charities during the fall season of 2020 than they did in the previous year. As in-person events were stopped due to COVID-19, this might have been one of the many factors preventing Canadians from donating as much as they normally would.

To increase your nonprofit’s donation success this fall, it’s all about having a proper fundraising plan in place. If you are running out of unique fundraiser ideas (both virtually and in-person), here are a few examples to spark your creative engines again:

Organize A Virtual Dance Party 

One idea to spark the spirit of giving in people is organizing a virtual dance party. Coordinating walk-a-thons, dance-a-thons, or any activity that attracts a large crowd has become complicated. To navigate this, hosting virtually is a fantastic way to safely get around this.

Your participants can walk, dance, or hula-hoop in the privacy of their own homes while getting involved and staying safe. Who wouldn’t want to dance it out in the comfort of their own home all while raising money for the charity of their choice? 

Live Stream Artist Workshop and Contest

With fall bringing cooler temperatures, it’s the perfect time to incorporate live-stream workshops and contests into your events calendar.

One example is to create a live-stream workshop hosted by a local artisan. Once the participants have completed their “art masterpieces” under the virtual guidance of the host, their completed pieces can be used in a contest to raise funds for your organization.

A Taste of Fall Harvest

This is the type of event that you can do either in-person or virtually, depending on the comfort level of the participants. Partner with a local chef to offer virtual cooking lessons.

Cooking lessons are a great way to raise money, as people really feel like they’re getting something out of their donations. Not only do they get to spend a few hours with a local chef brushing up on their skills in the kitchen, but they also wind up with a delicious meal or treat when everything is said and done.

This is also the type of event you can do more than once, depending on how successful it is. You could host different virtual cooking lessons at the same time every week, selecting a new dish each time to encourage repeat participation.

Virtual Cider Tastings

If you had to make a list of some of the things that people truly love about the fall, cider would undoubtedly be at the top! Hire a Brewmaster to guide your participants through the process of how cider is made. Make it a paid, ticketed event that not only highlights cider but includes recommendations on how to pair it with different foods.

By creating cider-tasting packs that are delivered to a portion of ticket holders in advance of the event, you can simultaneously and safely offer both an in-person and at-home experience.

Fall Online Auctions

Finally, consider one of those tried-but-true ways to raise money for your organization—online auctions. Online auctions are a great way to get people excited while putting them in a giving mood.

You can attach an auction to any type of event that you’ve already planned. This will not only increase excitement and anticipation, but auctions will take your fundraising efforts to the next level. Just be sure to offer easy access to tax receipts and other materials people will need when filing.

At Kambeo, we’re here to support and work with you. With multiple fundraising options offered through our platform, we want to help your nonprofit reach more people and raise more money for causes you care about.

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