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How An Organization Can Use Kambeo: “A Day In The Life”

Kambeo's social impact platform enables an organization to amplify and authenticate the good they are doing. Learn how employees across all levels of an organization can use Kambeo to enact change.

Kambeo is a social impact platform connecting nonprofits, charities, businesses, and individuals who all share a common goal of giving back. 

A social impact platform opens up new avenues for opportunity: Nonprofits and charities can receive the support they need, businesses can amplify and measure their CSR initiatives, and individuals can discover numerous causes they are passionate about helping.

When focusing solely on the business realm, one might wonder who uses a social impact platform. The answer is everyone! From top-level management down to entry-level employees, every member of an organization can utilize and benefit from a robust platform. 

To better depict how a social impact platform can be used across all levels of an organization, we have developed “A Day In The Life” Prezi. This interactive presentation breaks down how an employee, admin, manager, and CEO can all use a single platform to collectively reach one goal of changing the world. 

Want to get your organization onboarded with Kambeo? Book a demo to speak with one of our representatives or set up your company profile for free.

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