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5 Ways To Engage Your Employees On Kambeo

Amplify your organization's social impact on Kambeo by engaging your greatest supporters—your employees. We cover 5 ways to engage your employees on Kambeo, propelling social good across your organization.

1. Cause selection

Each social good initiative stems from the causes your organization supports. Embrace employee input when selecting causes that your organization can volunteer for, fundraise on behalf of, or donate to.

  • Encourage employees to explore causes in their region based on specific focus areas.
  • Routinely ask employees for their input: What causes have they come across on Kambeo that they would like your organization to support?
  • Add these causes to your company hub, enabling all employees to browse through the fundraisers, donation opportunities, and volunteer events these causes have organized.
Selecting causes based on focus areas

2. Peer-to-peer fundraisers

Enable your employees to raise money independently (or in teams) towards a charity or nonprofit through peer-to-peer fundraisers.

  • Create a centralized fundraising page: choose a cause to support, set a donation goal, and communicate the fundraiser logistics.
  • Share the fundraising page on your company’s activity feed to encourage employees to begin fundraising for the event.
  • Monitor fundraising progress leading up to the fundraising event. Offer an incentive (if applicable) to the individual and team who raises the most money.
Setting up peer-to-peer fundraiser
Peer-to-peer fundraiser dashboard in Kambeo

3. Donation matching

Give a cause more financial support by incentivizing your employees to give through a corporate donation matching program.

  • Set a donation matching limit, matching ratio (1:1 or 2:1 are the most common matching ratios), and a program end date.
  • Frequently remind employees to give back if they can (to any cause of their choosing) before the end date to be eligible for donation matching.
  • *When requesting a donation match, employees will be able to see how much money has already been donated to the charity or nonprofit and the remaining donation pool amount.
An employee requesting a donation match

4. Volunteer for dollars

Recognize and reward employees who invest their time into volunteering with a ‘volunteer for dollars’ incentive.

  • Set the ‘volunteer for dollars’ program criteria. I.e., How many hours does an employee need to complete with one charity/nonprofit to be eligible?
  • Set a donation amount. I.e., If an employee meets the volunteer hour requirement, how much will our organization give to their charity of choice?
  • Provide employees with quarterly volunteer time off, boosting their ability to help them meet the ‘volunteer for dollars’ requirement.
  • Routinely track your employees’ volunteer hours. Once their hours hit the required amount, reward this accomplishment by making a donation to their charity of choice.
Volunteer for dollars tracking dashboard

5. Company volunteer days

Make volunteering meaningful and interactive by bringing your employees together for a company-wide volunteer day.

  • Create an event page: choose a charity/nonprofit to support (if applicable) and communicate the date, time, and location to your employees.
    • *A nonprofit/charity isn’t mandatory to select for a volunteer event. With Kambeo, your company has the ability to set up a volunteer day without it being tied to a specific cause.
  • Give employees a brief explanation of the purpose behind the volunteer day. The more information provided, the more motivated employees will be to participate!
  • Within your event page, create a tab titled ‘Volunteer Registration,’ allowing your employees to register for the volunteer event.
Volunteer event page created within Kambeo

Above are 5 strategies that organizations using Kambeo can implement to help their employees become active community supporters. Social good initiatives are easy to set up at any time throughout the year or even make an event-based activity, around a specific holiday or awareness day.

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