Kambeo Hubs - Coming Summer 2022

Sell Merchandise To Support Your Nonprofit

Add another revenue stream to support your fundraising goals.

No development required

Direct deposits to you

Quick and easy setup

Customize your store

Personalize your nonprofit storefront

Easily add new items, customize product details, images, pricing, and inventory quantity with a drag-and-drop interface.

Manage your store with little effort

Monitor transactions, manage receipts, refunds, and customer details.

Automatic tax receipting

Tax receipts are automatically issued for charitable donations and purchases.

Simplify your order fulfillment

Speed up order fulfillment with a flexible system to collect order details for delivery or scheduled pick up.

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Here are some common questions the community is asking.

Here are your steps:

  1. Go to your group management page.
  2. Go to the Store tab.
  3. Click edit on the store item dropdown.
  4. Under “Apply Discount Code”, enter the discount code and click apply

Yes. Multiple active discount codes can be attached to a store item.

Note: Purchasers can only use one discount code at checkout.

Yes, you can add a custom message to the receipt.

Do you have a message that you would like to tell item purchasers? No problem! You have the option to add a custom purchase receipt message for a store item.

This message will appear on the purchase receipt, on a per-item basis.

This can be done on the Shipping section of the Store Item creation and edit modal.

Shipping can be set for $0 or a paid amount, which will be added to the purchase at checkout.

This can be done on the Pick-Up section of the Store Item creation and edit modal. Store Items can have multiple pick-up locations. Purchasers will select the pick-up location from a dropdown list at checkout.

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  • Create and maintain an environment where everyone feels valued, respected and fully engaged

  • Empower employees to help causes most meaningful to them

  • Demonstrate your commitment to positive social change in a verified and transparent way

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Our Story

Kambeo started out as an idea to help connect volunteers with the organizations that needed them. Kambeo Co-founder & CPO, Chris McIntosh set out to make a platform that was as easy for the organization to use as it was for the individual.

“Kambeo is about making change. By making it easier through the web, we’re simplifying how you can give back. Any small amount of change is change. Kambeo makes it easier to donate, to volunteer, to create your own charitable campaign. Our goal at Kambeo is to help grow social change both within our company and throughout the world.”

The idea was always to help those who were looking to help others. Providing volunteer software was the first step in making that idea become a reality. Today, Kambeo serves as a platform to amplify and support the changemakers and the organizations doing good every single day by providing them the tools to build a better world.

Our Mission

Change the way people change the world.

At Kambeo our mission drives everything we do. From how we build our products to how we interact with one another on a day-to-day basis. The mission is the ‘why’ we do what we do.

Our Vision

Our vision is to connect cause, community, and commerce to accelerate and amplify the good being done in our communities and around the world. We will look to accomplish this by bringing together nonprofits, schools, businesses, and the people who support them within a single platform.