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Kambeo Announces Advisory Board Members To Help Lead Company Into Next Chapter Of Growth

Kambeo is pleased to announce the five new members of their advisory board to help them grow both efficiently and effectively.

New York, NY — There comes a time in every company’s growth journey when they need to look outside of the organization to help continue to grow the brand and to bring in expertise to shape the path ahead.  That time is now for Kambeo — a social impact platform that connects nonprofits, businesses, and individuals to allow them to measure and amplify the good they are doing locally and around the world.

“Having just shipped our latest product release, it was the perfect time to introduce and welcome Kambeo’s first-ever advisory board members,” said Tim Fern, CEO at Kambeo. “Our platform is more impactful than ever, and now so is our team.”

Joining the advisory board is Shaka Johnson, VP & Associate General Counsel (Sony Electronics), Adam Levison, Head of Finance (Hello Products LLC), Nima Desai, Principal PM Manager (Microsoft), Chris O’Hara, Head of Global Product Marketing & Solutions (SAP), and Dave Brashears, Chief Revenue Mechanic (Silicon Hills Revenue Lab).

The appointment of the advisory board members brings expertise across several functions that will not only help Kambeo continue to grow, but to do it effectively and efficiently. 

About Kambeo 

Kambeo is a platform built to inspire social change. Our mission is to change the way people change the world by connecting causes, communities, and commerce. To learn more about Kambeo and our mission, visit us at www.kambeo.io 


Nick Leonard

Director of Marketing @ Kambeo

[email protected]

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